The rising crime in District 11 is top of mind to many residents. In 2020 there were 131 homicides citywide, which made last year the deadliest in the past decade.

There was an increase in homicides of 46% from 2019 to 2020. The uptick in violent crime is unacceptable, and as your next City Councilman I will see to it that this issue is addressed.

Many residents of District 11 are very concerned about the rising crime. I plan on taking direct action as your next Councilman to confront the issue had on, and provide innovative solutions to address this all.

It is critical that we provide the necessary incentives to be an Atlanta Police Officer, and make it the best place to work. This will address recruiting challenges so that 250-300 more officers can be hired. It is also critical to invest in diversion programs and work with higher risk youth to show them a better way.